Originally built in July 2009, the Perspectiverse Engine reinterprets “mobile” gaming, initially by enabling gyroscope-like interaction on pre-gyroscope (iPhone 3GS and iPad) hardware. Your mobile device now mobilizes you.

By computing and tracking the true orientation (yaw, pitch, and roll) of your device, the Perspectiverse Engine allows simple, intuitive motion controls that feel natural to gamers and non-gamers alike. It puts you in the game world for a truly immersive experience.

Players must stand up, look up, look down, and spin (in real life) in order to interact with the game world.

How does it work?  The Perspectiverse Engine transforms your iPhone or iPad into a movable “window” that peers into a virtual game world that coincides with the real world.  No matter how you orient your device, north in your game world is the same as north in the real world, south is south, up is up, down is down, and so forth.

The Perspectiverse Engine allows the iPhone 3GS and iPad to track motion in a fashion that yields seemingly impossible results from a device lacking actual gyroscope hardware.... The effect... is pretty amazing.

It’s very impressive how well it works considering there is no gyroscope in this older hardware.

  1. -Computes and tracks the true orientation (yaw, pitch, and roll) of your iOS device to align your game world with the real world

  2. -Makes full use of the gyroscope in recent iOS devices

  3. -Full support of older (pre-gyroscope) devices

  4. -Two viewing modes: A single focal point “Orbit mode” and an outward facing “Outlook mode”

  5. -Noise/jitter mitigation of orientation data

  6. -Orientation-independent 3D stereoscopy with adjustable stereo depth, for Red/Cyan glasses

  7. -3D stereoscopy for Hasbro My3D devices

  8. -Image capture of 3D

  9. -“Augmented Reality” mode supported using camera feeds

  10. -Camera feeds that can be textured onto 3D objects

  11. -Replay of stored orientation data

  12. -Video generation using replayed 3D

  13. -User-POV simulated video generation using replayed 3D and the rear camera feed

  14. -Facebook, Email and Photo Album integration of generated images and videos

  15. -TV-out support of custom (i.e., non-mirrored) imagery for iPhone4 and later devices

  16. -An array of custom objects, including an animated gyroscope-like 3D object that indicates device orientation


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